one | advance & retreat

clicking this button will execute: getPast_D.php

Clicking the advance button once will turn the clock forward once and it will move the player once. Clicking the advance button three times will load the enemy [reptillian-fighter].

CSS position: 0
Atlas position: 0

Create a switch file that contains two image states (Altas facing West and East).

clicking this button will execute: turn_atlas.php

clicking this button will execute: startRetreat.php

I call this "Atlas's Garbage". I hated publishing this music online. At the time it was fun. I'm embarassed by the lyrics. Artwork seems hackneyed and I'd rather music that makes people dance and makes life seem less inhospitable, dreadful and wretched. I'm not saying anything bad about bandcamp, only that I won't be using their service again. Check out some old garbage here. It's music, art and memes based on years of buying books at shopping malls, obsure books stores and living in denial about this that and the other."